Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thus Far: Revisited

Progress with the First book sales have slowed down a lot, but I am not discouraged. Near the end of last year I was able to get in touch with James Cameron's assistant. Through her, I was then able to get in touch with the Feature Development Director of "Legendary Entertainment". When I contacted him to discuss my book he said he was curious, but that it was against company policy to view the book since I did not have an agent.

This means I am now in search of an agent to help The Holy Hound Trilogy go to the next level, wherever that may be. By getting an agent this could mean my book may get into the traditional publishing machine and end up on book shelves across America or end up in the hands of one of the best film production companies of our time. Getting an agent is going to be a challenge. (One I am going to pursue to the end)

I salute you reader. Without you there would never be a point to being a writer.

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  1. I would have never have had the guts to contact someone like that... well done.